Hello.  My name is Brian Chartrand.  I live in Phoenix, Arizona.  I am a singer/songwriter and this is an experiment.  I wanted to create a page where I could share songs (originals and cover songs, some unreleased, some new demos, and some live recordings) before they were released in the traditional CD format.  Some songs might never make it that far, so I wanted to at least give them some life here…on the interweb.

When I first created this site, I hadn’t yet set up my home studio.  My new goals with this site and with the recording gear, is to 1) go back through old, mediocre sounding demos of songs that have never seen the light of day and rerecord them with this new gear and post them 2) post brand new songs (both original and cover) and 3) post some unreleased live material.  I’ve found that the sound quality of the new home recordings is so far superior to the old demos.  The old ones do have some charm, but the new ones just sound cleaner.  And clean is nice.  Just ask your dentist.

This site is still about sharing in the creative process.  Most of the home recordings I post here were recorded very quickly.  I post them in the spirit and celebration of inspiration, improvisation, and transparency.  I guess, in a way, this is my response to the highly processed, produced, auto-tuned music that is being created today.  Good music is still created by people with instruments.

Another reason for doing this is, I love hearing and watching songs evolve and more than likely, these songs will change over time as I refine them in live performance.  There is also a good chance these tunes will be adapted for the various projects I perform with: The Sweet Remains, Ten Dollar Outfit, The Voce Project, or solo.  This is just a snap shot of the initial inspiration.  This will serve as the first diary entry, the ground floor, so to speak.  I love hearing demos and home recordings from my favorite artists and then years later, hear how they have reinterpreted the same song I grew to know.  I am not sure what it proves, but I’d like to think it shows an uneasiness with keeping a song in a box.  A song is a living thing, and needs to grow sometimes.  I know at least from my perspective, I take pride in the fact that I rarely sing the same song the same way.  I think its boring.  If I was listening, and knew the recorded version of the song, I would want to hear variation, change, proof of existence of life.

I also just like sharing tunes.  There is a time and place for every song, no matter how odd, rough, poorly recorded, or conceptually half-baked it is.  Its similar to my take on beer…which means there is a time and place for Icehouse (granted that particular time was my senior year in high school).  I guess I just respect the art of creation and am always amazed how and when inspiration hits.

So, welcome to my experiment!  Feel free to make your own mix tape!


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